I made a short film testing the cameras of the iPhone 13

About six months ago when the OnePlus 9 series was introduced, I had the chance to have my hands on these mobiles and create a not so ordinary camera test video. I had this vision to get the phone, spend a whole day with my wife taking photos and videos until the night.

I didn’t really care about the views this video would get, as I knew the niche of my channel and the core audience are interested in tutorials, but filming this video gave me a day to remember, full of joy and great memories.

When my friend John called me to tell me that he bought the new iPhone 13 I knew that it was the right time to repeat this concept of the video. So after one day we arranged the shooting from day to night for the iPhone 13.

In the video I’m not talking about specs, about all the things that already by now those who are interested to buy already know from other youtube creators and tech reviewers. I simply show what pictures this iPhone can capture, what kind of videos and try for the first time the cinematic mode. In different times during the day. In one of my favourite cities in the world, Athens.

For those who choose to watch the video, I hope you will travel with me and make you feel that you are part of this video, where we are taking photos together.

I’m waiting you on my channel to let me know in the comments if you liked it or not. Until then, stay safe, enjoy life and remember to laugh as much as possible.

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