When you start creating videos for Youtube, or any other use, there are some key factors that creators might don’t know or ignore. Such as the settings of their camera, lighting and audio.

Let’s break down how you can make your videos from almost any camera look more pro and achieve a look that will make your videos look like they were shot from professionals. It is more easy than you think it is.

Cine lenses or cinema lenses are designed to meet the specific demands of filmmaking. The basic characteristics of cinema lenses are the mod gears for follow focus and focus motors, the smooth operating manual focus system with a big number of degrees of focus range that gives a lot…

In this video I cover 5 Video Editing Tips when you edit talking head, or a-roll, for your youtube videos. This techniques can be used for a-rolls in general, not only for Youtube. Also I show you how to edit with this tips in Final Cut Pro however you can use these to any editing program like Adobe Premiere Pro, Davinci Resolve e.t.c.

Emilio Takas

Content Creator on Youtube

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